Developing Africa
.One. Country. at. a. time.

About Us

Who We Are

AGS is Africa’s accelerated industry-led solution provider. We partner with private investors and government stakeholders across multiple industries such as Technology, Waste/Water Management, Energy, Mineral Resources, Healthcare, and Education to address critical infrastruture needs in African countries.


Our mission is to accelerate the development of Africa, One Country at a time. 

Our Philosophy

At Africa Global Solutions, we believe that Africa is a continent with immense investment potential. We believe in the power of African entrepreneurship and the ability of African businesses and Diasporas to create value and drive economic growth. We are committed to supporting African businesses through our network of investment partners, with a key focus on identifying and supporting initiatives that have the potential to make a real impact on the continent. Our goal is to help African businesses realize their full potential by providing them with the capital, resources, and networks they need to grow and scale. We are proud to be one of the accelerated private investor networks in Africa and look forward to continue supporting the continent’s development.

Management Team

Davids Achonu

Chief Executive Officer

Davids is a Serial Investor and Technocrat with multiple years’ experience in business technology leadership across diverse industries such as Oil and Gas, Government, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare across the globe. He has hands-on leadership experience, helping government agencies and multinational corporations develop and deliver enterprise solutions that apply new and emerging technologies that transform their core businesses.

Yordanos Fesshaye


Yordanos is an International Finance Expert and has been instrumental in facilitating funding for multiple development projects in the US, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Over the last 8 years, Yordanos has managed multi-billion-dollar initiatives across Africa. She is Africa’s go-to-resource when it comes to investments and development in the continent. Her passion to see a positive a change in the African continent is immeasurable. 

Photo AGS

Fitsum Mussie

Managing Director

Fitsum leads AGS Operations in East Africa. An operation and technology executive with 24+ years’ experience in the Middle East and Africa. His diversified business and technical knowledge allow clients to improve operations and maximize company return on investment capital.  By providing solutions that match strategies & results while providing sustainable and profitable returns. Accomplished in providing a comprehensive understanding of international policies, culture, and project management.


Nouroudine Sy

Portfolio Director

Dean is commonly referred as “Mr Projects”. He is an experienced QA and Project Lead with 15+ years’ experience in helping Government clients transform their projects across industries. He is a serial Investor with strong ties in West African Government Sector and recognized contribution in organizations within the Middle East and Africa.

Abel Delta

Project Manager

Abel is an experienced Project Lead overseeing major multi-million-dollar projects in Ethiopia. He works closely with the Ethiopian government to secure development funds to positively enable the Ethiopian economy.

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