We support and enable investments for Africa's Development


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To enable trade and investment in developing Africa’s growing economy, AGS partners with the African Government sector in a Private/Public relationship to facilitate Foreign Direct investment opportunities to the continent’s most pressing development concerns. We work with organizations in a variety of industries, such as Technology, Minerals & Metals, Energy, Waste/Water Resource Management, Healthcare and Critical infrastructure. AGS also makes it possible to attract investments from the private sector that support government initiatives like those for affordable housing, education, and healthcare.

AGS supports an economically viable form of Private/Public sector-led investment, offering an alternative to predator funding and investment which often leaves African countries saddled with everlasting debt.

Solution Brief

We support African Government and commercial Projects in areas such as Waste & Water Resources Management, Technology, and Solid Minerals. With an extensive private investor-led fund and global associates worldwide, AGS provides comprehensible solutions to real problems in Africa.

Waste Management

Among the top companies in the world for complete waste management services, AGS Partners offers everything from collection & disposal to recycling and the creation of renewable energy.


We have a curated list of Technology Investment partners with a combined 30+ years experience in innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Our partners aim to invest in technology transfer and development with the focus on solving Africa’s unique problems.

Metals and Mineral

Our Metals and Mineral Investment partners combine years of deep technical expertise to develop intelligent, integrated, and mission-focused solutions in exploration, development, mining, production and commercialization. 

AGS is differentiated by driving sustainable private-led investments to provide innovative solutions to critical issues in the development of Africa.

Industries We Serve!

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Investing in innovative technologies is essential for the development of African nations. Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are all key technologies that can help Africa to grow and compete on the global stage.  Ultimately, AGS investments in innovative technologies is vital for the future of African nations.

Waste Management

One of the most pressing issues facing Africa today is waste management. With the Africa’s population continuing to grow, the amount of waste being produced is increasing at an alarming rate. AGS and Partners leads with providing high-end Wate Management solutions for public and private sector.

As water resources become more scarce and the effects of climate change more pronounced, the need for innovative, sustainable solutions has never been greater. At AGS, we are committed to meeting this challenge head-on.


From the mining of diamonds in Sierra Leone (West Africa) to the mining of Cobalt in the Congo (Central Africa), Africa remains the most precious mining ground for natural resources and investment opportunities for our partner investors. AGS leverages its pool of private investors to enable significant investments in a private/public relation with the government. 

AGS has partnership operations across Africa